Lawrence Nash RWA

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About the Work

Virtual Paintings:

These ‘paintings’ were created on a Samsung Galaxy tablet using the stylus pen and the app Sketchbook Pro.

They are not intended to be printed or ‘produced’ into a physical item, but to remain as ‘virtual’ pieces of work.

When shown in a gallery they are shown on a TV monitor or projected directly onto the gallery wall.

‘Brushes’ within the app are selected which emulate ‘transparent’ brush marks and these marks are repeated until the space is filled. Then another colour is used and the marks are painted over, again until the space is filled.

Almost all of the early marks are lost, but the transparency and the edges of the mark show some indication of the earlier history.

The ‘brushes’ used in the app by their nature have a mechanical feel, but the use of the stylus by hand creates imperfections which are integral to each image.