Lawrence Nash RWA

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About the work

Computer Generated:

The promise of technology toward a utopian future has seduced us all, but we are now thrown far beyond this 'innocent' glamourisation of progress, for within such glamour lies deception.

It is this deception that is used as a starting point for the work.

Using a video processing unit, the images are generated by a feedback procedure. The initial signal being lost to a spectacular series of errors, which build and build to produce extravagant images of colour and texture.

This language based on 'errors' is used as a parable of the political state enveloping mass culture and the individual self.

On the surface the images are luxurious, glamourous and glossy ; the viewer is absorbed and tempted by the pretence of superficiality.

But psychological conditions and states feature as a subtext ; feelings of isolation, possession and disorientation.

With titles such as 'Spy' or 'Mute' these seductive images deal with the 'soul' taken from the self, being accepted, nurtured and celebrated, as bogus.