Lawrence Nash RWA

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About the work

Gestural Mark:

Repetition, Action, Meditation, 3 levels - physical, psychological, spiritual,

The work subverts and transcends the formal elements of gesture held so highly in abstract expressionism. In abstract expressionism directness of expression was paramount, best achieved through lack of premeditation and the uniqueness of the mark.

This work is perceived as premeditated, structured and repetitious.

As in meditation, repetition is integral. Through repetition the act itself is internalized, so that marks are made without having to concentrate on the making of the mark, but on the state of mind while making the mark. This is then reflected in the quality of that mark, recognized by comparison as the mark is repeated.

The result can be compared to a dance - full of lightness and energy. The body is completely relaxed and the mind is strong and confident.

The work moves through exuberance, limitation, lack of control and even a kind of positive laziness, much the same way that zen artist Kazuaki Tanahashi would approach his single stroke paintings with 'inspired laziness'.

With works such as '8 ways are 1' this energy of the mark is repeated 'three dimensionally' through layers of glass, changing the viewing experience as the observer moves around the work.